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Boogieref: 1178


Ahoy me hearties! Welcome to his swashbuckling world and his hilarious friends Squawk the Parrot, Marmite the Monkey, Chewy the Chimp, and Spotty the Rat. Bright contemporary shows full of incredible magic, music and mayhem!
He is one of the UK's leading children's entertainers. He will transform your venue into a pirate theatre, and keep just about any crowd entertained. Birthday parties for all ages, interactive family shows, close-up magic, balloon modelling, ventriloquism, and authentic Caribbean music played on his guitar.

Playlists / Events
Choose from many shows, or let him design a show specially for your event. chewy the Chimp is a state-of-the-art animatronics puppet, and can be programmed with special messages, or promotional material. Ideal for publicity drives for zoos, kids activity centres, and any other kid-friendly businesses!

From £ 224
Rate Info:
Rate is for a 2-hour Birthday party, or 90 minutes of entertainment at weddings and other events. Price excludes travel, but I try to give you a good deal if it's a long distance.

Customer Reviews:

Thanks you’re a treasure! Thanks for entertaining us so well at Murphy’s birthday party last weekend. As usual we all had a great time - especially Ian in his starring role. We have had lots of praise for you from the other parents - they were all amazed at your skill in keeping so many 5 year olds entertained at once. All of Murphy’s classmates are talking about you and how they want to be pirates when they grow up! Murphy and Freddie are still aspiring to be you and the re-runs of the show continued long into the Saturday evening! Thank you once again - you really are top banana!
Bridie, Ian, And Captain Murphy

"Thank you very much for such a fantastic party on Sunday. I have even had notes from kiddies Mums to say thank you to me for inviting them because their children had such a great time with you! You entertained them so well, not just with puppets but with imaginative play which is so rare nowadays. The look on all my childrens' faces when their Dad's head disappeared in the balloon box was so funny - Christian's top lip wobbled and Sian started to worry. Their faces were a delight when Dad suddenly reappeared! Thanks again so very much for such a professional approach from beginning to end."

"A HUGE thank-you for making James' birthday party last Friday so fantastic. I think that the adults, (particularly the grand parents), enjoyed it even more than the 6 year-olds and you left us on a huge high. You really made it a very special and memorable occasion and gave an amazing performance- how do you maintain such high energy levels? To keep that bunch of scallywags enraptured for as long as you did is no mean feat, believe me. The new song is totally brilliant, we all enjoyed it very much. "Tammy" Tim was chuckling to himself all evening, but then he was the biggest kid there. We agreed that it was the best children's party we have ever either held or attended."
Yvonne, Tim, James & Olivia

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