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Boogieref: 2155


Children's entertainer in Glasgow , Scotland.
Scotland's no1 for family fun.
Magic , games , party dances , balloons , disco , Sammy Squirrel and Buster Bunny , prizes and more.
birthday party packages are aimed to provide excitement , fun and laughter from the moment the kids walk in the door to the moment they leave. Guaranteeing you just wont be able to take the smile of there faces.

All the entertainment is fast paced , action packed and aimed specifically at the age of the kids making each party totally unique , with all the kids joining in the fun from start to finish , and the birthday boy/girl becoming the star of the show , even making there own chocolate birthday cake appear from paper and water much to there friends amazement.

Magical parties start with Sammy Squirrel and Buster Bunny greeting the kids as they arrive , from there it's non stop fun and laughter with the craziest magic show around where absolutely nothing goes right and the only way to fix the problems is with the kids help , from magic wands that don't work to his waistcoat changing colour it's absolute mayhem and it's gets worse when Sammy and Buster try there hand at a bit of magic.

Playlists / Events
performs either a one hour magic show or a two hour magical party with a disco break in the middle for the kids to have a bite to eat and a drink of juice , each party includes a mixture of the comedy MAGIC SHOW, crazy PARTY GAMES, silly PARTY DANCES, DISCO, COMPETITIONS , BALLOON MODELLING and of course BUSTER BUNNY & SAMMY SQUIRREL who join the kids to show off their crazy party dances, silly antics and Sammy even presents the birthday boy or girl with a special birthday gift, while Buster attempts some magic of his own before giving all the kids attending a small prize and a balloon animal to take home.

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