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With his spectacular show including unicycling, juggling, magic, mime, games and lots of silly business, This entertainer will do his best to entertain anyone anywhere.
With his 30 years of experience this childrens entertainer has performed in over a dozen countries at pretty well any imaginable venue

Also available for clowning or jestering around. particularly pleased to perform for both the deaf and special needs communities.

He has performed at many Medieval events also as a jester performing juggling.

Without words, he uses a blend of mime, juggling, magic, balancing, noseflute and stupidity to put smiles on faces at your event. Usually he begins with meeting and greeting and general fooling around the banquet. This can be followed by a spectacular spot which can include juggling with fire and where considered appropriate riding a unicycle, a taller unicycle and an even taller unicycle. He has fooled at over 600 banquets at Shakespeare’s Tavern, the Beefeater by the Tower, The Hunting Lodge in Cottingham, The Tudor Rooms, Windsor Great Park and a great many others at castles and manors all over the country.

Audiences are immediately awake to the fact that they are enjoying no ordinary performer.

He revives the true essence of a dying tradition – the ancient art of the clown. A comic mirror to the absurdities of society. The perfect foil for the anomaly that is life.

To communicate his message, he entertains. Weaving his spell with mime and magic – juggling (with fire where practical) - mastering a unicycle only to be challenged by a taller and then yet taller one. Adroitly juxtaposing breath-taking feats of skill with incredible ineptitude at everyday tasks. By turning the world topsy-turvy, he draws the audience into his own clown reality. His very humanity makes him approachable to young and old alike.

In short he is the perfect clown and children's entertainer.

He is a member of Equity and Clown International.

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Famous for his spectacular self-contained show. The full show is jam packed with half a dozen magical illusions played for laughs, a similar number of feats of juggling including where practical: juggling with fire, playing the nose-flute, riding on a unicycle, then a taller unicycle and then (ceiling height permitting) an even taller unicycle, all welded together with ridiculous antics

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Customer Reviews:

“the brilliant clowning….” The Times “outstanding as a clown” The Australian

“thank you for coming to our school and making us laugh, Love Lesley” “Everybody laughed because you were very funny”
Tracey Hughes

“Han ville sikkert vaert hjertelig velkommen tilbake mange, mange ganger ” Bergens Tidende “hervorragend”

Fantastic fun, what a great performer you are with all the juggling, and unicycling and magic tricks, everyone loved your show. Thanks again Charlotte Green.
Weston House

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