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Boogieref: 654


If you need an entertainer for a children’s party or fun event, the talented this is the man you need. With tricks and skills to make the noisiest kid quiet, you will be delighted to invite him to your do!
This is an entertainer who can cater for all ages.

He will show your guests his balancing tricks, tricky juggling and the unique GIANT CIRCUS BALL in a fantastic SILLY CIRCUS SHOW. After his performance, he will bring laughter to your party or event with his funny GAMES!

This experienced children’s entertainer is an expert at making BALLOONS to hand out to your guests and can also perform a KIDS MAGIC SHOW. But as he is so foolish - He will rely on the help of the children to get the easy to understand magic tricks right!

OR, if you feel your guests are too old for a kids magic show, then he can provide a fabulous CIRCUS WORKSHOP where he will use his teaching skills to help the children learn skills from the circus; such as the diabolo, the devilsticks, how to juggle and walk the tightwire.

He can WORK FLEXIBLY and adapt an appearance to suit your needs.

If you need an entertainer for any special occasion, then the talented man is suitable for you.

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We just wanted to send a heart felt thank you for the excellent entertainment he provided at Evie's 5th birthday party on Saturday. Given the cramped surroundings in which he had to entertain the children, he managed to keep them all engrossed and they thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Evie especially enjoyed the circus skills at the end of the party and at school on Monday morning there were lots of 'fantatasic's' and 'fab's' from the children who attended. You did my daughters 8th birthday party on Friday and was fantastic! What a polite and courteous clever man. He entertained 17 children aged 7-10 yrs old (both boys and girls) and had them all mesmerised for his entire show. He was very funny and is very clever...... and his huge ball..... Well, after falling off it so many times he then he leapt on with his huge clumsy clown feet and walked the ball amongst them whilst juggling, wonderful stuff. He kept them entertained 100%, controlled them well and even juggled for them whilst they ate. His circus workshop was also a great success, all the children loved the chance to be clowns and to spin plates and do tightrope walking. Marvellous! & now the talk of the playground. You made Ceri's party the tops, thank you, you are the man!

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